France next year Harry Potter school, 100 students

Coach Official website reported that France will start a Harry Potter “Hogwarts”.


This “Magic School” will be held from May 25 to 28th in France lot-et-Garonne in southern Jolibert Castle “school”, only 4 days of the course, the world’s only 100 students, begins at the end of this year “admission” ticket. Students needed more than 16 years of age, applicants under 18 years of age require parental consent.

After enrollment, students will be divided into different “magic Academy” learn Botany, spells, potions and other subjects, will also attend the Muggle “Quidditch” game.

With registration information will be Halloween (October 31) released on “Mi Bumi treasure” (a kind of magic in the Harry Potter series of novels plant) on the social networking site’s home page.

Mariah Carey was dumped by her fiance, because too high profile in love spend

Butterfly “Mariah Carey and Casino mogul James Packer love less than 1 year in Australia, became engaged in January 2016, some media pointed out that the two have broken up, one of the main plateau is Mariah Carey” best luxury spending. ”


It was reported in the Woman’s Day, 48, Parker because Mariah Carey “so extravagant spending” dump her, and both also at loggerheads because the recent reality TV Mariah’s World.

A Parker family friend came forward to confirm that both had ended. And says about Mariah Carey’s reality show, park reservations, but she hoped that two people’s lives made public, high profile approach to bother Parker’s personal life.

It is reported that two people were found after the breakup, relatives and friends were not surprised because Mariah Carey since the beginning of this year, refused to attend the Park after her sister’s birthday party, the relationship between the two changes, also reported Parker mother doesn’t like the wife. Although the two cannot airness, he still will not take back gave her the engagement ring valued at 10 million dollars.

Carreras tour arrived in Shenzhen, 6 charity auction went for 130,000

Special coach outlet bags sponsored the three tenors hesai·kaleilasi world farewell tour Concert on November 12 at the Shenzhen poly Theatre, October 27, held in Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen station launches, charity auction, held out of the 6 items, including item of Carreras, on-site auction proceeds amounted to 133980 will all be donated to the Leukemia Foundation for the treatment of leukemia.

In 2015, Carreras to bring new work of the judges of the dream back in 2016, he will launch a world tour throughout China, Europe, the United States and other places. Talk about China’s fate, Carreras said that “Chinese traditional culture to let me off my feet, China’s songs have a very beautiful melodies, hypnotic. “Since 1998, Carreras, came to China for the first time, China has become a country performances located Carreras. World famous tenor, Carreras sang charm and level speaks for itself. Carreras has been the impression of delicate romantic songs leave the listener, to say goodbye to as the final chapters of Psalms, the combination of a good, serious and sincere feeling. Carreras said he sang for a living, singing with the heart, in music and life, his sentiment: truth and freedom is far better than volume, pitch and skill.

The Carreras world tour solo and Duet repertoire have been carefully selected, songs are full of love and passion. United Kingdom Magazine Classic FM comments to: musical tone of romantic songs, singers lyrics and wonderful singing, reminiscent of the great Caruso. According to the organizers of the concert, back of the Carreras concert, China prepared for a special track, hopes to be able to surprise the audience.